Hobby Master 1/72 Air Power Series
Lockheed F-16A Fighting Falcon
6609, ROCAF "Solo Demo", 2017
True 1/72 scale.

Professionally painted.

Great attention to detail.

All markings are Tampoed (pad applied).

Option to display the model on a stand that is provided.

Model can be shown with the landing gear in the down or up positions.

Canopy can be displayed open or closed.

Pilot figure included.

Extremely heavy metal with a minimum of plastic.

Highly collectable.
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The F-16 Fighting Falcon was produced by General Dynamics who became Lockheed who then
merged with Martin Marietta to become Lockheed Martin. The F-16 entered service in January
1979 as a multi-role jet fighter that evolved into an all-weather multi-role aircraft capable of
sustaining 9-g turns. The F-16 is relatively inexpensive to purchase and maintain so the U.S. and
25 other countries added it to their inventory. The Fighting Falcon is referred to by its pilots as
the “Viper” and will remain in USAF service until 2025.

The 455th (former 4th Pursuit Group) TFW was commissioned in 2001 as an F-16A/B FW
equipping a training squadron and four TFS. RoCAF General Dynamics (now Lockheed Martin) F-
16A Fighting Falcon serial 6609 was manufactured as 93-0710 c/n TA-9 and is assigned to the
21st FS/455th TFW at Chiayi AB. In 2017 F-16A 6609 received a special paint scheme to
commemorate the 80th Anniversary of Nationalist China’s victory in the second Sino-Japanese
War beginning in 1937 as well as commemorate the RoCAF Sabres’ victory over PLAAF MiG-17s
on August 14th 1958 (“814 Air Combat”).

General Dynamics (Now Lockheed Martin) F-16A Fighting Falcon Specifications

First Flight – January 20, 1974 as YF-16 in a Fly-Off that it won against the Northrop YF-17

First Production Flight - Single-Seat (A) 1975, Two-Seat (B) 1977

Power Plant – 1 X 105.7kN P&W F100-PW-220

Length – 49.31 ft   (15.03 m)
Wingspan – 32.8 ft   (10.00 m)
Height – 16.7 ft   (5.09 m)

Empty – 16,285 lb   (7,387 kg)
Maximum – 37,500 lb   (17,010 kg)

Maximum Speed @ Sea Level – Mach 2.05   (1,353 mph)
Maximum Range – 2,424 miles   (3,900 km)
Service Ceiling – 54,954 ft   (16,750 m)